Keep up your progress with FizzUp’s simple and effective program Muscle 3: the third installment of the best-selling Muscle program series. Get equipment-free strength training workouts that are optimized to suit your fitness level.

  • 3
  • 25
    Average duration
  • No equipment
268 ratings

  • Bryson
    "A great program if you want to keep doing bodyweight workouts. Although I'm used to working out with weights in a gym, this program was a lifesaver while I was stuck at home during lockdown! With lots of challenging workouts, you can tell it’s designed for some major muscle gain. ??????"
  • Hassan
    "An excellent program that helped me take my muscle building up a notch. I love bodyweight workouts, so I had a great time with Muscle 3."
  • Arnold
    "With this program, I was able to work all the muscles in my body (especially my torso). I packed on more muscle really quickly and noticed a real change in my physical and mental toughness."