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Ready to get fit and stay fit for good? Then Wellness is the fitness program you need!

Overcome your physical barriers in everyday life with this routine packed with simple exercises.

Wellness is a beginner’s workout program that targets the muscle groups that tend to be affected the most by everyday aches and pains. This program also uses low-impact cardio to improve your endurance and keep you feeling in top shape.

No need for a gym membership or bulky, expensive equipment. This bodyweight workout program is for any woman who wants to work out and get in better shape, no matter what her fitness level.

With Wellness, you can relieve back pain, shortness of breath and achy joints.

Strengthen your entire physique with a wide range of simple and extremely effective exercises, such as squats, reverse snow angels and glute bridges.

Thanks to these movements, you can revolutionize your fitness, posture and cardio endurance in no time.

Lasting three weeks, FizzUp’s Wellness program will get you moving with three fun workouts a week, with each workout only lasting about 20 minutes.

Wellness also includes a large variety of stretching exercises to help you improve your flexibility and mobility.

By the end of this fitness program, you’ll see and feel how your athletic abilities have blossomed.

A better body and mind shouldn’t wait. You deserve a workout program that’s right for you, and Wellness is it!

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Start Wellness

Body zones

Triceps, abs, glutes, adductors, back, hips, thighs.

Start Wellness


Start Wellness


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