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If you’re looking to give your fitness a boost, now you can with FizzUp’s Wellness 2 program!

This routine was specially created for any woman who wants to get fit or stay fit with convenient, no-equipment workouts that cover every aspect of fitness.

This three-week program of three workouts a week was made to keep you fit and energized! You’ll build strength and stamina using a wide range of exercises, circuits and targeted strength training. Although it’s slightly more difficult than the first Wellness program, these workouts are still designed to gently improve your fitness level.

Women of all fitness levels can do this program with exercises that are never too hard or too easy. And with workouts under 20 minutes, you’ll always find time to strengthen your entire body and keep yourself feeling fit!

Get ready to love exercise again with this simple, short and effective routine you can stick to. Experience the top bodyweight exercises such as squats, reverse snow angels and glute bridges that will gradually improve your fitness in just three weeks!

You’ll also gain access to exercises that will work your entire core, stretches to maintain your everyday mobility and cardio for a healthier heart!

Who needs the gym when you’ve got FizzUp? With Wellness 2, getting or staying fit is a breeze. Three weeks of workouts is all it takes to transform your fitness for the better!

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Start Wellness 2

Body zones

Triceps, abs, glutes, adductors, back, hips, thighs.

Start Wellness 2


Start Wellness 2


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