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Have you recently started exercising again? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to get fit again fast? Like any major change in your life, the best approach is the one that works best for you so that it lasts.

FizzUp’s Wellness 2 program is great for men who’ve already got some fitness experience under their belt and are looking for a routine to help them stay fit.

FizzUp has created this three-week program to help you maintain your fitness level or reach a higher one.

Turning the intensity up a notch from the original Wellness program, you’ll experience a workout routine designed to give your fitness a boost and build your strength, stamina and muscles with gentle exercises.

The Wellness 2 program is right for everyone with an intensity that matches all fitness levels using exercises that will effectively fortify your entire body.

With this three-week workout plan, you’ll do three workouts a week to get you back into exercise with a fun routine you can stick to. It combines simple yet powerful bodyweight exercises such as squats, reverse snow angels and push-ups to evenly build body’s muscles. Besides your daily circuit training workouts, you’ll also get additional core, abs and cardio exercises for 360° wellness.

With workouts under 20 minutes, there’s no reason you can’t get fit again with Wellness 2! Say goodbye to the everyday aches, pains and breathlessness and hello to a fitter, stronger and reenergized you!

You’ll also get stretches to improve your flexibility and make it easier to maintain healthy everyday mobility.

You don’t need a gym or the motivation of a professional athlete with FizzUp! In just three weeks, change your life and health for the better when you get fit or stay fit with Wellness 2!

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Start Wellness 2

Body zones

Trapezius, biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, thighs.

Start Wellness 2


Start Wellness 2


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