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Neck pain? Rounded or tense shoulders? Introducing FizzUp’s Posture 2, a routine to help you relieve upper back pain.

Posture 2 is a three-week strength training program that uses bodyweight exercises to soothe discomfort in your neck, shoulders and upper back.

Whether you’re experiencing upper back pain because of an injury, poor posture or muscle tension, upper back pain can happen to anyone. Many of us spend long hours sitting at a desk, which can cause our shoulders to roll forward. Another reason for back pain can be a bad sleeping posture. If your upper back muscles are too weak and the muscles in the front of your upper body are too stiff, you might experience pain that’s hard to soothe. And when it comes to muscle tension, an injury can cause pain if the muscles associated with the injury aren’t strong and flexible.

Besides physical strain and injuries, there are two main reasons why neck and shoulder pain occurs: poor posture and stress. Suitable for people of all fitness levels, Posture 2 focuses on postural re-education in your shoulders and upper back to relieve pain and improve your posture. It works to get you back into a normal physical routine and live an active life.

Posture 2 also helps you prevent possible injuries and everyday discomfort that can occur with a desk job or an inactive lifestyle. Keep neck, shoulder and upper back pain at bay with no-equipment strength training exercises. This program also includes quick stretching sessions to help you relax your neck and shoulders.

Strengthening the right muscles is the key to soothing back pain, fixing your posture imbalance and averting additional injuries. Posture 2 can be used to relieve back pain or as a prevention program unless your doctor or physiotherapist says otherwise.

With FizzUp’s Posture 2, strengthen your back, stay active and relieve aches and pains!

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Start Posture 2

Body zones

Trapezius, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, thighs.

Start Posture 2


Start Posture 2


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