FizzUp’s Infinity: a workout program compatible with the InfinyFit home gym multi-station!

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Looking for a new challenge to help you gain muscle at home? Introducing FizzUp’s Infinity, a program compatible with the InfinyFit home gym multi-station!

With Infinity, FizzUp brings you a full bodyweight training program to help you improve your fitness and build your muscle mass, strength and stamina. Using your home gym multi-station, you can workout at home or outside, no matter what your fitness level. Infinity automatically matches your physical abilities to get you outstanding results.

This strength training program includes dozens of the top bodyweight exercises designed to hone in on and work your entire upper body with a wide variety of workouts.

Infinity will also boost your performance when it comes to pull-ups, chin-ups, dips and push-ups with smart circuit training created to do just that.

This program is for people of all levels, whether you’re a beginner or already have advanced bodyweight experience under your belt. With four convenient workouts a week for three weeks, you’ll experience the best bodyweight exercises, like pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, push-ups, leg raises and the L-sit, not to mention all their variations!

Using the innovative and unique tool that is the InfinyFit home gym multi-station, you’re guaranteed to improve and maintain your physique and build every athletic skill with FizzUp’s Infinity program. Whether you want to stay fit, build muscle or lose weight, the InfinyFit program will help get you to your goals.

  • Quinn
    "This program worked so well with my multi-station equipment. I made a 20% improvement after just 3 weeks of workouts, and I’m not stopping anytime soon!"
  • Jimmy
    "I loved the exercises in this program. It did a lot to improve the results I already had when I started."
  • Dean
    "These workouts blew me away! I made so much progress with these circuits that are super challenging, both physically and mentally! I 100% recommend this program to anyone who’s motivated enough to go hard and watch their body evolve. 😉💪😎"