The program you need to push your record of maximum push-up reps to new extremes! Do Push 2 by the book and this program will help you do 50 push-ups in a row!

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Want to get even better at push-ups and be able to do 50 strict push-ups in a row? FizzUp’s Push 2 program is specially designed to increase your push-up max. How? With intense workouts that gradually increase in volume over 3 weeks. This program is recommended if you can already do 25 push-ups in a row.

  • Leo
    "I completely shattered my record when I went from 30 to 45 max push-ups! Push 2 is a great program if you need help getting better at this tough exercise. I’m going to do it again to push my max even higher!"
  • Matt
    "This program delivers what it promises: better push-up performance. I went from 27 to 47 push-ups in a row by the end of the program, thanks to all these motivating workouts."