This is the program you need to easily achieve full muscle-ups after just 3 weeks. You’ll practice all the phases of this staple street workout exercise.

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Master your muscle-up. With this program, perfect your technique for every phase so that you can do rep after rep of this exercise. After 3 weeks, you’ll know how to do strict bar muscle-ups.

  • Adam
    "Even though I had enough strength to do several dips and pull-ups in a row, I still couldn’t manage the transition phase under the bar. Thanks to all the upper body mobility workouts in this program, now muscle-ups are a cinch."
  • Leo
    "At last! had almost given up on ever being able to do a muscle-up. By the end of this program, I could do 5 in a single set!"
  • Joachim
    "Mobility, strength, core training and smart progressions. That’s what I call a real training program. Now I can finally do muscle-ups!"