FizzUp's Handstand program is designed to help you achieve a freestanding handstand. With 3 intensity levels, this routine progresses as you progress with a plan tailored down to the finest detail.

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Want to learn how to do a handstand with an equipment-free program that evolves with you? FizzUp’s got what you need.

The iconic handstand is a fundamental calisthenics exercise that many covet. But now, you can stop dreaming and make your handstand a reality with FizzUp!

With this unique three-week program of four workouts a week, you’ll improve your ability to stay balanced on your hands, even if you’re a total beginner.

For you to master this calisthenics exercise, the 100% equipment-free Handstand program brings you a workout plan combining strength, mobility and neuromuscular control.

You can reach your goal by practicing regularly with the right workout plan. Each day, your workout includes:

A general warm-up

A warm-up circuit that dynamically targets the joints used during your workout to help keep injuries at bay and boost your performance

Handstand exercises

It’s no secret that handstands take practice like any skill or athletic ability! Progressive overload also comes into play: a gradual increase of the intensity to keep your progress on a steady incline. You’ll do easy exercise variations and build strength over time to unlock each phase of the handstand. Once you’ve got one movement down, you’ll move on to the next, then the next, then the next.

You’ll start with simple pike push-ups, move to the frog stand, then the tripod headstand. Next, you’ll continue with the kick-up to handstand, wall handstand variations, handstand wall walk and finally the traditional handstand.

Additional strength training: Handstand also includes exercises to target and fortify your abs, back and shoulders, which are the muscles you use for doing a handstand. We suggest adding light equipment to fully optimize these exercises but equipment-free alternatives are available if you need them.

Flexibility and mobility: Wrap up your workouts with a mobility and stretching circuit that targets the areas you need most for doing a handstand (chest, wrists and shoulders) to keep injuries at bay and improve the range and quality of your movements.

After three weeks, you’ll have the chance to turn up the program’s intensity level so that you can continue your handstand progression. Repeat the Handstand program as many times as you need to finally achieve the freestanding handstand starting from the floor.

Ensure Handstand is right for your experience by going to your settings, then "Program," then "Challenges" to change the intensity levels:

Easy: If you can't hold the frog stand for at least 30 seconds

Medium: If you can't hold the wall-facing handstand for at least 30 seconds

Hard: If you can to do a handstand starting from the floor.

Want to do the handstand? Then FizzUp’s got you covered with Handstand, the clear and progressive program to teach you how to handstand. Only a detailed workout plan will get you to this goal.

Work your way toward the freestanding handstand in minimum time with this incredible program. Results are guaranteed!

  • Julian
    "I wasn't sure I'd make it through this program, but I did! Handstand was a really progressive routine. It helped me master several handstand variations so that I could finally go from floor to handstand. No regrets!"
  • Ahmed
    "Excellent! Before this program, I couldn't do anything but a handstand against the wall. Handstand had everything I needed to stay balanced on my hands and not fall over in milliseconds."
  • Greg
    "A really good program that has unparalleled handstand progressions. You start with the basics and work your way toward challenging balance exercises on your hands. I'm glad I did this program several times to get even better at the handstand!"