Wellness 3 is a workout program designed to keep you feeling fit. This is the ideal routine to help you stay active with workouts under 15 minutes. Wellness 3 is fitness for life!

  • 3
  • 15
    Average duration
  • No equipment

If you need a quick and convenient way to get fit or maintain your fitness level, then don’t give Wellness 3 a miss! Wellness is FizzUp’s series of fitness programs made up of simple exercises for an impressive impact on your everyday life.

Forget about unnecessary equipment, complex moves and two-hour workouts. Wellness 3 brings you everything you need to stay fit. Whatever your level or goals are, you’re going to love this three-week program of three workouts a week.

This routine turns up the intensity but like Wellness 2, it’s still easy-to-follow with effective workouts that are just as challenging and fun as before! By the end of this fitness program, stay goodbye to everyday aches and pains and breathlessness.

Whether you just want to start exercising again or stay fit, you’ll swap long gym sessions for entertaining exercises and convincing benefits with Wellness 3!

During each workout, you can opt to work your entire body, cardio endurance and core strength using a wide variety of straightforward exercises and dozens of variations. These include push-ups, squats, planks, mountain climbers, dips and reverse snow angels, all of which are adapted to match your fitness level!

In just three weeks, feel the impact of Wellness 3 on your quality of life! This workout plan is made to give your fitness a boost. Take action for your health with Wellness 3 now!

  • Flynn
    "Wellness 3 gradually gets more challenging but it’s still a program anyone can do. You can really feel yourself improving. I’ve never felt fitter!"
  • Frankie
    "I’m coming out of an exercise burnout. After I did FizzUp’s 21-Day Challenge program, the first and second Wellness programs helped me keep up my fitness habits. Then I moved on to Wellness 3, which has kept me from overloading myself and experiencing another burnout."
  • Peter
    "After the first 6 workouts, I noticed that I’d lost a little weight and my muscles had more definition. I’ve got nothing but praise for these 20-minute workouts that slowly but surely make a difference!"