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Demigod 2

The quest for results isn't over! Your 100% bodyweight strength training program is back.

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Couldn’t get enough of the Demigod bodyweight strength training program? Continue your quest for more muscle with part 2 of your favorite routine! Gaining muscle doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you’re following the FizzUp trainer’s advice and using the right strength training technique.

During this five-week program, you’ll develop your body’s muscles using unexpected equipment-free strength training exercises like the prisoner squat and decline push-ups. You’ll also get some must-do arm and leg exercises such as dips and lunges. And lucky for you, the Demigod 2 program for muscle gain never gets old with a wide variety of exercises. You’ll never feel like your exercises are too hard because an initial evaluation will calibrate the difficulty of your future workouts so that they’re right for your fitness level, guaranteeing that you’ll continue to build muscle and get your dream body in five weeks.

There are so many benefits of bodyweight strength training. Demigod 2 gets you sculpted, strong muscles and builds your physique from top to bottom. You can also opt to do a strength training Focus program or a challenge outside of your basic routine to get your muscular body that can overcome almost any obstacle.

Your journey for a physique of herculean proportions continues with Demigod 2!

Demigod 2 will take your bodyweight strength training to new heights. Ready to keep building a physique worthy of the gods with this new combination of exercises?

  • Luke
    "Big and buff, that’s what I’m becoming with this program! Can’t wait for Demigod 3!"
  • John
    "I was really satisfied with the next part of this program! I could really feel my body transforming. Like me, any guy can build muscle in their 50s."