Set out on an 3-week adventure to forge a muscular physique worthy of Zeus himself!

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Set out on a journey toward a more muscular body with FizzUp’s Demigod program that brings you a personalized bodyweight strength training experience. This athletic adventure lasts five weeks and brings you a wide variety of exercises, such as squats, dips, push-ups and push-up variations.

The Demigod program will help you reach your goal to build muscle by personalizing your workouts, which are calibrated to suit your starting fitness level, needs and potential. No workout will ever feel too easy or too hard. At the end of the program, you’ll receive a progress report that will give you all the details on how your fitness has improved. You’ll see your percentages of improvement for each exercise, your overall progress, the total number of calories burned and the total time you spent working out for the length of the program.

And since FizzUp’s Demigod program doesn’t require any equipment, you can achieve your perfect body right at home. Do your workout where you want, when you want. Before you know it, your new physique will rival the fittest of Greek gods! Boost your strength and power as you build muscle mass with multi-joint exercises that work your entire body in synergy. A single exercise engages multiple muscle chains, getting you an evenly toned and muscular physique.

Stop looking for excuses to not achieve a body you’re proud to show off! Now’s the time to unleash all your physical potential with the Demigod program from FizzUp. Three weeks from now, you won’t believe the results you see in the mirror.

  • Sam
    "After I had lost weight, I wanted to take on another challenge and build more muscle. With this program, I made fast progress and got visible results! I would definitely recommend it!"
  • Mark
    "I loved everything about this program! The trainer kept me motivated and did a great job of recommending workouts that fit my energy level. Now my body is more sculpted than ever!"