Keep on sculpting your six-pack with the next installment of the Abs program!

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What’s the secret to sculpted abs? A workout program that effectively targets this area of your body to build muscle mass and burn fat to make your abs visible. Abs 2 is the perfect mix of exercises that will put you on the path to the six-pack you crave.

During this program, you’ll get the top dynamic abs and core exercises to help you achieve a jaw-dropping midsection. With just three workouts a week for three weeks, the Abs 2 program is designed to get you a more sculpted abdominal wall in less than a month.

These abs workouts are great for anyone who’s already done FizzUp’s first Abs program or for those with abs training experience who are looking for a new abs challenge. Each workout of this abs program for men targets every area of your abs, from your six-pack muscles to your internal and external obliques to your transverse abdominis! You’ll also get HIIT cardio to trigger fat loss in minimum time.

You can pair the workouts from the Abs 2 program with eating habits that are right for your goal using the meal plans included in the FizzUp app, too. Get ready to lose weight without a restrictive diet!

Make the right choice and start the workout program Abs 2 to keep pumping up your six-pack now!

  • Eric
    "Awesome program! I can tell that it made my abs stronger and now they’re even more visible."
  • Julian
    "I’ve got nothing but love for this program! It’s really brought out my muscle definition."
  • Gary
    "So good! Abs 2 actually works to help you lose a little weight and build muscle in your abs."