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Continue your quest for a toned torso with FizzUp’s upper body workout program, Malibu 3! With our personalized torso workouts and pec workouts, this three-week program brings you a wide variety of push-ups, pull-ups and abs exercises.

The next chapter of the Malibu programs is a great way to continue your journey to more muscle in your upper body. This program of torso workouts contains upper body exercises designed to help you gain maximum muscle.

If you want to tone your torso with sets of push-up, pull-up and chin-up variations and abs exercises that will build muscle in your pecs, back and abs to strengthen your entire upper body. Malibu mixes traditional and all-new exercises to develop these areas of your physique so that your workouts never get boring!

Pull-ups, chin-ups, wide and close-grip push-ups, planks and dynamic abs exercises are everything you need for your torso workouts and pec workouts.

Aiming to build muscle in your back, pecs and abs? Then keep your progress on a roll with our upper body workout program Malibu 3! Not only does FizzUp have you covered when it comes to exercise, but also when it comes to nutrition to help you eliminate fat around your stomach and pecs with healthier eating habits.

Malibu 3 isn’t just about getting muscles that are pleasing to the eye. This program hones your athletic skills, too, with upper body exercises so that you gain strength, power and muscular endurance.

Take your torso training to the next level with Malibu 3. The results are going to blow you away!

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Start Malibu 3

Body zones

Trapezius, biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, shoulders, arms.

Start Malibu 3


Start Malibu 3


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