Exercise anytime, anywhere with these 15-minute workouts!

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Got a hectic schedule? A last-minute business trip? Staying in a small hotel room? No access to a gym? No problem!

FizzUp’s Businessman program is exactly what you need to keep up your strength training routine while you’re on the go!

We all know how important is to stay fit and active. But with a packed schedule, most people just don’t have the time or the possibility to start a long workout at home or at the gym.

With our Businessman program, you can start or continue your exercise routine wherever you are with workouts under 15 minutes!

The Businessman program is equipment free and brings you short sessions that easily fit into your busy schedule.

Bulk up your arms and torso with just three workouts a week. Build muscle in any tight space and master exercises guaranteed to get you results, such as push-ups and push-up variations, dips and crunches to chisel your pecs, abs, shoulders and arms.

With Businessman, all you need is a small space and 10 minutes! No equipment required! If you’re pressed for time and need a way to squeeze some exercise into your day, then FizzUp’s Businessman program is for you.

Build muscle in minimum time with Businessman now!

  • Steven
    "These quick workouts helps me stay in shape while I’m on the move."
  • Aaron
    "You can do any of these workouts in your hotel room if you’re on a business trip. They’re all under 15 minutes and you can feel the difference!"
  • Rob
    "Great program. Every workout is really fast and perfect for people like me who are always moving for work and don’t have a lot of time or special equipment."