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Want to build your abs, burn fat, improve your physical fitness and never get bored during your workouts? FizzUp’s always ready to deliver!

Our 6-Pack program here to go above and beyond your expectations when it comes to helping you achieve chiseled abs and a lean midsection.

This three-week program of three workouts a week brings you the best circuit training combos of HIIT and core training. Each workout includes a vast selection of unique circuits that you can use to target just your abs, just your cardio or work both at the same time! Why choose when you can get the best of both?

This special concept that couples the top abs and cardio exercises is guaranteed to get you quick and impressive results. 6-Pack is based on the proven interval training method. With this technique, you can blast excess fat and uncover your abs.

You’ll experience new exercises and innovative circuits to satisfy your hunger for a challenge without ever getting bored or losing motivation. No two days are the same and all the circuits in the 6-Pack program are different!

Every day, you’ll get fun exercises that are perfect for intense circuit training, such as mountain climbers, sprawls, the spiderman climb, dynamic planks, burpees, a range of squat variations, jumping jacks and sprints.

With the stress you relieve during every workout, you’ll already be looking forward to your next session once you’re done.

And that’s not all! With HIIT, your physical fitness can reach its peak. The abs exercises in 6-Pack are also designed to improve your posture and soothe back pain.

Think you don’t have what it takes? Don’t worry! FizzUp personalizes your experience to your level, guaranteeing that you’re constantly improving!

With 6-Pack, you’ll finally lose belly fat and sculpt the abs you crave! Ready to turn your training up a notch and supercharge your transformation? You can with FizzUp’s equipment-free 6-Pack program.

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Start 6-Pack

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Abs, hips, thighs.

Start 6-Pack


Start 6-Pack


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