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Want to broaden your fitness experience or try something new when it comes to strength training? Introducing Resist, FizzUp’s resistance band workout program!

Got achy joints? Bored with your current routine? Traveling from here to there? Or maybe you just want to use your resistance bands to build muscle? Then you’ve got to start these resistance band workouts for men.

Resist is a three-week workout plan for guys of all fitness levels that only requires a simple resistance band.

Resistance bands are an easy, effective, fun way to shake up your routine. They’re gentle on your joints and enable you to target all of your muscle groups with constant tension.

The Resist program doesn’t require an anchor point and gives you a new way to stimulate muscle growth with only three workouts a week.

With FizzUp’s Resist, you’ve got the best low-impact and low-cost workouts for conveniently, effectively, and safely building muscle with resistance bands.

Target your entire body with Resist’s short and unique workouts! You’ll also find a variety of exercises that zero in on your arms, abs, legs and upper body using a resistance band.

Get started with Resist to gain strength, mass and muscle definition. These workouts with resistance bands do it all!

Stuck in a hotel room? No problem! All you need is a resistance band and your FizzUp app and you’re all set for 10-30 minutes of training. You can get results with Resist, whether you’re a beginner or a resistance band pro, just by changing the resistance of your band.

At home or outdoors, you don’t need an anchor point or other equipment. Resist brings you exercises that you can do with your own body weight, such as push-ups, lateral raises, biceps curls, triceps extensions, flyes, squats and deadlifts. These resistance band workout routines contain dozens of unique exercises designed to make you gain muscle mass.

And last but not least, be sure to wrap up your workout with Resist’s top resistance band stretching exercises. It doesn’t matter if you’re as stiff as a board or an accomplished yogi… you’ll love what Resist has in store.

Discover a whole new way to work out, build muscle and burn fat for a more toned physique with FizzUp’s Resist program!

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Trapezius, biceps, triceps, forearms, pectorals, abs, back, shoulders, arms.

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