6-Pack is loaded with the top equipment-free HIIT and abs exercises. Watch as your abs appear after just 3 weeks of workouts. Innovative, fun and addictive, this is the best routine to fortify your midsection.

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  • No Equipment
1065 ratings

What’s the best program for incredible abs? FizzUp’s 6-Pack! Experience unique and effective combinations of HIIT cardio and core training for impressive results. This bodyweight routine is here to unleash your 6-pack!

  • Eddie
    "A great way to work your abs and never get bored. I’ve done FizzUp’s HIIT and Abs programs, but this program is the best of both worlds! My workouts were short, effective and challenging. I’d definitely recommend it and can’t wait for part 2!"
  • Jack
    "6-Pack burned extra fat around my stomach to make my abs more visible. It was tough, but I made it to the end of the program! This is the routine you want if you’re looking for a way to push your limits, let off steam, break a sweat and improve your fitness. There’s a lot of variety, too. I’m glad I gave 6-Pack a go."