Build your upper body with Malibu 4!

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Haven’t had enough of FizzUp’s pecs, arms and abs workouts? The Malibu program continues with part 4! This is the program to start if you want to keep sculpting your upper body.

Malibu 4 is a three-week equipment-free program that will pump up your pecs, arms, back and abs. With just three workouts a week, you’ll experience the top variations of push-ups, core exercises and pull-ups (optional) to transform your entire upper body.

This workout program brings you everything you need to build your torso. Its workouts are adapted to match your fitness level, making each one a challenge you’re always sure to beat! And the best part? You’ll see and feel the results, and fast.

Combine FizzUp’s personalized workouts with the nutritional coaching included with FizzUp Premium, which tells you exactly what to eat for muscle gain. Malibu 4 covers everything you need to build a muscular upper body.

Malibu 4 hones athletic skills, too, as you build strength, power and muscular endurance. Every workout is another step toward your goal of prominent pecs, a bigger back, sculpted abs and toned arms.

Start the fourth installment of the Malibu program series to gain muscle with bodyweight exercises now!

  • Ethan
    "This program is perfect for anyone like me who wants to gain muscle mass. Besides that, the exercises are easy to do and completely equipment free!"
  • Ralph
    "An awesome part 4 in this program series! These workouts really brought out my muscles. Really satisfying!"
  • Matt
    "Exactly what I was expecting as the next part of this workout program. Excellent exercises all the way through! And when you get to the final evaluation, you can tell you’ve made a lot of progress! 💪👌"