Bring out the big guns and maximize your fitness as you lose weight with FizzUp’s program HIIT HR!

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We’ve taken a basic training method and transformed it into something phenomenal. Start HIIT HR now to turn up the heat of your cardio HIIT workouts!

Tired of regular HIIT programs? FizzUp’s got the best high-intensity workout routine loaded with strength training, cardio and plyometric exercises carefully selected to burn a maximum number of calories in minimum time. Intense, tough and powerful… these words don’t even begin to describe FizzUp’s HIIT HR program! And with four bodyweight workouts a week, you can do them anytime, anywhere and always expect outstanding results.

But we’re telling you now: be prepared to be put to the test if you want to make it to the end of this challenging routine! These workouts alternate between intervals of HIIT exercises including sprawls, burpees, squat thrusts, mountain climbers and the sprint that work to get you results.

To keep you motivated, this HIIT workout plan mixes a variety of ways to do a HIIT workout. These sessions are designed to help you lose weight, get fitter and just feel better in your own body. If you want to boost your fitness and burn fat, don’t wait and start FizzUp’s HIIT HR program now! Rev up your metabolism with workouts created to enhance your cardio endurance, explosive power, strength and abs muscles, stop injuries before they happen and heighten your athletic performance.

This HIIT routine brings you innovative and demanding circuits during every workout. With HIIT HR, you won’t believe how little time it takes work your strength, cardio and power throughout your entire body. But to achieve this level of effectiveness, you’ve got to give these workouts your all!

Get ready to give this program all you’ve got when you start HIIT HR, a routine that needs the mental toughness, concentration and perseverance that you’ll develop over three weeks.

If you’ve got 20 minutes, you’ve got the time for a workout from FizzUp’s program HIIT HR!

  • Sabrina
    "This is definitely a cardio program with all the jumping you do! By the end of HIIT HR, it was easy for me to see the results. ?? Do this program if you want to give your body and mind a boost! ?"
  • Ciera
    "This excellent program worked my body from head to toe with short but tough workouts. It’s got lots of variety, too! I wasn’t expecting to see such a difference after just 3 weeks!"
  • Finley
    "I loved the exercises in HIIT HR. They really put me to work… I was drenched in sweat after every workout."