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Looking for a tough workout program that’s guaranteed to make you break a sweat? Introducing the next chapter of FizzUp’s HIIT programs: HIIT 3. Start it today to burn maximum calories in minimum time!

If you loved HIIT and HIIT 2, get ready to reach new limits with these HIIT cardio workouts. It’s time to turn up the intensity and let the sweat fall with HIIT 3.

Keep up your progress with these high-intensity workouts. Boost your cardio endurance, build more muscle mass and torch fat thanks to this tried and true training method.

The HIIT workouts included in this program will help you unwind with exercise and condition your body to better withstand all types of physical demands. Every workout is a surge of intensity you’re going to love that will leave you wanting more. During each session, you can opt for new HIIT circuits that will satisfy your hunger for results!

During this three-week bodyweight workout program with just three workouts a week, feel the effectiveness of fat-burning HIIT. You’ll do new HIIT workouts for weight loss using tough HIIT exercises such as burpees, tuck jumps, in and out squat jumps and plank jacks.

Push your limits and lose weight with this program that also builds muscle. These full body HIIT workouts actively target your muscle groups to sculpt every area of your body.

Break a sweat, zap fat and get strong with HIIT 3’s high-intensity interval training now!

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Start HIIT 3

Body zones

Abs, glutes, hips, thighs.

Start HIIT 3


Start HIIT 3


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