Get ready to set maximum calories ablaze and give your fitness a boost with HIIT 4!

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Are you prepared to take on the final installment of FizzUp’s HIIT program series? HIIT 4 is turning it up to the ultimate extreme to get your body burning maximum fat in minimum time!

If you’re ready to take your cardio training to the next level and turn your body into a calorie-blasting machine, then FizzUp’s HIIT 4 is the cardio program you’re looking for! You’re about to break a major sweat with this routine designed to help you lose weight and increase stamina. These intense HIIT workouts and powerful training protocols were made to get you visible results fast.

If you’re also looking to improve your physical fitness, FizzUp’s got what you need with this high-intensity interval training program! Ramp up your cardio endurance and fortify your physique as you torch fat with this HIIT routine. With HIIT 4, you’ll train your body to better withstand physical demands.

During this three-week bodyweight workout program, you’ll do three workouts a week to discover new exercises and cardio circuits that will satisfy your hunger for a challenge. No matter how much exercise experience you have, FizzUp’s workouts adapt to match your level to ensure that your exercises are never too hard or too easy. You’ll get traditional exercises such as burpees, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and a whole lot more!

Push your limits, burn fat and get strong with FizzUp’s HIIT cardio program HIIT 4!

  • Arthur
    "Loved this program! I started feeling a difference even after the first week. HIIT 4 has got so many different exercises so I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a lot of variety."
  • Layla
    "HIIT 4 packs a punch! I can feel the fat melting away. This program is really tough, but I stuck with it and I’m glad I did, because that’s how I got results!"