Get big fast with the ultimate dumbbell workout program!

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If you started out with DB-600, worked your way up to DB-800 and powered through DB-900, then brace yourself. DB-1000 is the ultimate dumbbell workout program to keep your progress climbing.

Since you’ve gotten this far, you’re at a transitional stage when you need to increase your reps and weight in order to avoid hitting a plateau so that your body keeps evolving.

The solution? Start DB-1000 now, a program packed with the mightiest dumbbell exercises. This is THE routine for anyone looking to work with dumbbells at home or on the go.

This three-week program uses dumbbell-only workouts to optimize your muscle gain with minimum equipment. DB-1000 brings you four workouts a week to help you get big fast with dumbbells.

Access all-new dumbbell exercises that are essential for bulking up muscle: alternating bench presses, push presses, rows, dumbbell flyes, hammer curls and a wide range of other moves.

By the end of this intense three-week weight training program, you’ll have built more strength and muscle mass. You’ll notice bigger pecs, bulkier biceps, more massive triceps and more prominent abs. All you need is a set of dumbbells.

The DB-1000 muscle-building dumbbell workouts will get you jaw-dropping results fast. Start now!

  • Brandon
    "This program blew me away. It was always a challenge and now I see the results. There’s nothing better to keep your motivation going."
  • Oliver
    "A really excellent program. It has everything you need to get some outstanding gains."