The best dumbbell workout program to strengthen your legs. Get extraordinary results with just 3 weeks of training.

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Looking for home workouts to get you thicker thighs? Build - Lower Body is a dumbbell workout plan designed to construct mass in your lower body. This program automatically calculates the right weight and number of sets and reps you'll do to guarantee massive and strong legs without ever having to set foot in a gym. Bulk up your quads in just 3 weeks. That's FizzUp's promise!

  • Jerome
    "Great dumbbell exercises that really stimulate your lower body muscles. These workouts were short and intense... just the way I like them. No more chicken legs!"
  • Sebastian
    "My thighs hardly fit into my jeans anymore! This program gets you so much more muscle and strength. Can't wait to do it again and again to keep gaining mass."