Keep sculpting your curves with part 2 of your favorite abs, glutes and thighs program!

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If you loved Miami, FizzUp’s program that targets your abs, glutes and thighs, then get ready for even hotter results with Miami 2. Your favorite program is back with all-new exercises and you won’t believe the results once you’ve reached the end!

When it comes to body sculpting, it’s tempting to go looking for a quick solution, but sadly, nothing will guarantee you lasting results. Only 360° fitness training that’s designed according to your goal will help you make continuous progress. Part 2 of the Miami program will keep your results intact with exercises that target women’s typical trouble spots: the abs, glutes and thighs. Experience the top movements to sculpt your physique and learn how to whip your curves into shape with Miami 2’s bodyweight exercises. On the side, you’ll also enjoy FizzUp’s nutritional guidance. Every day, try a new meal suggestion to get you to your goal even faster.

Thigh strength training requires targeted exercises like squats and kickbacks. Miami 2 takes your training to the next level with different exercises. If you want a flatter stomach, this FizzUp program brings you abs exercises. You’ll do dynamic abs exercises like mason twists and static abs exercises like the elbow side plank. The Miami 2 program also builds your glutes with special exercises. Using these fat-blasting exercises, say goodbye to cellulite. Reduce the look of orange-peel skin with just three weeks of workouts.

You deserve the best guidance when it comes to feeling better in your body. Start Miami 2 to keep sculpting your curves now!

  • Samantha
    "My body evolved so quickly and easily! I’d definitely recommend this program."
  • Marie
    "A great program to slim down your hips and tone your abs with so many different exercises!"
  • Amanda
    "I loved this program. The best one I’ve done so far since I started using FizzUp!"