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Dreaming of a slimmer waist, a flatter stomach and slender legs? With a workout routine that’s right for you, you CAN sculpt your body. FizzUp’s Miami program brings you workouts to target trouble spots such as your stomach, glutes and thighs. You’ll be ready to own these areas of your body after you see the results of just three weeks of workouts.

With these no-equipment workouts, you’ll do exercises that actually work to smooth over cellulite and build muscle in your thighs and glutes with exercises such as glute bridges and mountain climbers.

Hate your belly bulge? Blast that fat with this abs workout program from FizzUp. Included in the body of your workout, core training exercises such as the banana mason and all kinds of traditional and dynamic crunches will help you achieve a flatter stomach. This program will slim down and tone up your physique as you feel it working your muscles in depth. The Miami program also attacks your love handles. You’ll feel them melt away as the weeks go by!

Shrink your waist size with this program that’s completely adapted to suit your level and physical potential. FizzUp fitness training uses an evaluation at the beginning of every program to bring you a workout experience that's 100% personalized. Because the number of repetitions are calibrated according to your ability, you’ll never feel like the exercises are too hard or too easy.

It’s time to unleash your potential. Free your curves and show off your flatter tummy with the Miami program!

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Start Miami

Body zones

Glutes, adductors, abs, hips, thighs.

Start Miami


Start Miami


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