Keep your sculpted curves intact with part 4 of the Amazon program.

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Ready to sculpt your body with the 4th installment of the FizzUp Amazon program series? Get started now and earn even more muscle tone and definition in just three weeks!

Dreaming of a strong, lean and sculpted physique? FizzUp makes it a reality with this body sculpting program. Get new exercises that will help you tone up, slim down and get stronger in all the right places for an evenly sculpted figure. You’ll see and feel the transformation in your thighs, glutes, shoulders, arms and abs!

For three weeks, experience new exercises and challenges to revamp your workout motivation with four workouts a week. Chisel your muscles, reveal your curves and sharpen your athletic skills quickly and easily with FizzUp’s body sculpting workout plan, Amazon 4!

Get the body you crave using the exercises in this no-equipment workout program for women with the powerful variations of squat, lunge and push-up exercises.

You’ll also get plank and dynamic core moves to effectively target your abs and firm up your physique. By starting or continuing a regular workout routine, you’ll transform yourself from the inside out and boost your body confidence.

With Amazon 4, sculpt and complete your quest for the body of a goddess!

  • Jessica
    "I was really looking forward to the next episode of the Amazon series and it didn’t disappoint! This is the exact program you need to sculpt your body along with a bit of cardio."
  • Morgan
    "I absolutely loved this part of the Amazon series. I toned up my thighs, abs and shoulders with these exercises and feel so much more confident in my body now. Thank you, FizzUp!"
  • Tiffany
    "Personalized workouts, a flexible program and results. What more could you ask for? This is the routine you need if you want to gain muscle tone and simply feel fitter."