Increase your muscle definition with new exercises that will help you continue to sculpt your entire body.

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Still driven to continue your quest for an evenly sculpted physique? FizzUp’s Amazon programs make it quick and easy!

Ladies, if you loved Amazon and Amazon 2, then start the next chapter of this program to get the toned body you crave with your favorite fitness app. Discover the brand-new body sculpting exercises you need to build muscle in all the right places: shoulders, abs, thighs and glutes. Unleash your curves after just four workouts a week for three weeks. Amazon 3 will help you tighten up your physique in no time with just 12 workouts in total.

Amazon 3 enables you to sculpt your body without any special equipment using exercises such as squats and glute bridges for your thighs and glutes, and push-ups and dips for your upper body. What’s more, a wide range of dynamic core and abdominal exercises will target your tummy. Over three weeks, you’ll feel yourself making progress as you work to sculpt your physique and transform it from the inside out.

Ramp up your body confidence while you continue to keep experiencing the many benefits that working out has on your everyday life. With Amazon 3, fortify your core and boost your strength, stamina and agility.

Begin FizzUp’s equipment-free workout program Amazon 3 now and continue your journey to a divine, toned and strong physique!

  • Sofia
    "This program is incredible! It made me stronger throughout my body. I’d definitely recommend it if you want to tone your muscles."
  • Emily
    "I finally made my abs pop and my butt a bit rounder. Amazon 3’s upper body exercises also helped me balance out my strength. I loved it!"
  • Audrey
    "I had so much fun with this program. I wouldn’t change anything about it! ?"