Amazon 2

Keep your sculpted curves intact with the Amazon program.

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Did you love the women’s strength training program, Amazon? Then continue your journey with Amazon 2! Body sculpting for women is so easy when you’ve got the right program and fitness guidance.

The Amazon 2 program will help you earn a curvier body with all-new exercises that don’t require any equipment, including (but not limited to) squat thrusts, front-to-back lunges and decline glute bridges. This program takes your bodyweight strength training to the next level. To get curves throughout your body, try Amazon 2 to target your glutes, thighs, arms and back, too. You’ll also fortify your abdominal wall with core and dynamic abs exercises like the mason twist for a tighter, sculpted tummy. With this program, you’ll be able to lift, carry and support your body weight on and off the mat.

For five weeks, you’ll continue your body transformation and watch as your physique keeps evolving from the inside out. Body sculpting is what FizzUp’s Amazon programs were made to do. Gradually build the strength, power, agility and muscle endurance that will boost your body confidence. With the Amazon 2 program, you’ll feel how your body is your closest ally. Seize control of your athletic abilities to rise up to any challenge. Your quest for sculpted muscles continues with Amazon 2. Ready to bring out the best in your physique?

Join our tribe of confident warrior women with the home workout program, Amazon 2!

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  • Sylvia
    "I really felt my fitness improving with the next chapter of this program and now I love exercise! :-) I’m totally addicted!"
  • Jade
    "I’ve always thought that I didn’t have enough muscle mass. But that completely changed after I did both Amazon programs! Thanks, FizzUp!"
  • Natalie
    "I definitely recommend it! Now I feel stronger and I’ve toned up my muscles. I got back my body confidence thanks to this program."