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Looking for a personalized strength training program that brings together the top home body sculpting exercises and works with your busy schedule? FizzUp has it: Essentials. This program gives you the fundamentals of fitness in the comfort of your own home.

If you want the freedom to pick your own strength training exercises, then Essentials does the trick. Choose from the different blocks of exercises in your program to create a workout that fits into your schedule and includes only what you feel like doing that day. Need a way to unwind? Add the cardio block to push your body’s limits. Want to work your midsection? That’s what the abs block is for. Customizing your own strength training program has never been easier.

With Essentials, sculpt your body with effective exercises like kickbacks, squats, reverse snow angels and glute bridges. Using the right body sculpting program for you, you’re the one who decides how long every workout is so you’ll never feel like you have to suffer through it. Building your own strength training program is a challenge, especially when you’re not a fitness trainer. FizzUp takes away the guesswork. Let us be your guide as you put together your own workout program with Essentials. Its routines are adapted to suit your goal and physical potential. With a starting evaluation, the trainer will determine your personal limits and fitness level in order to ensure that your workouts are never too hard or too easy for you.

Starting a strength training program without the help of a professional is complicated and often doesn’t lead to results. Give yourself the best chance of success with FizzUp’s Essentials program. This collection of powerful workouts is guaranteed to get you to your goal and fast.

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Body zones

Abs, glutes, adductors, hips, thighs, trapezius, back, shoulders, arms.

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