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Start 21-Day Challenge

Want to add some extra physical activity to your everyday routine, but don’t know how? Everyone has to start somewhere, even when it comes to exercise. Why not try this challenge to exercise every day for 21 days with a program designed just for you?

With workouts that are right for your fitness level, FizzUp’s 21-Day Challenge program is perfect if you want to start exercising again. This program adapts the difficulty of your workouts to suit your physical abilities, so no workout is ever too hard or too easy. The 21-Day Challenge will get you back into a fitness routine that won’t take much time out of your day. Over 3 weeks, you’ll do 10 minutes of exercise every day to see and feel the benefits in both your body and mind!

It’s easy to get fit again with the proper guidance. FizzUp has designed this straightforward fitness program specially for those looking for beginner’s workouts. Every day, you’ll discover a new fitness challenge using bodyweight strength training exercises, which means that this program is 100% equipment free! All it takes is 10 minutes of activity to feel better in your own skin. As your muscles start to take shape, you’ll experience new sensations that contribute to better physical and mental balance.

To get into better exercise habits, the 21-Day Challenge is the program you’re looking for. This routine will turn working out into a healthy addiction. Remember, 10 minutes is only 1% of your day, so even with a hectic schedule, you’ll always have the time to get moving. With FizzUp, you can work out where you want, when you want. Open your app now and let the trainer be your guide.

Will you make it to the end of the 21-Day Challenge? Get started today to find out!

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Start 21-Day Challenge

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Biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, back, shoulders, arms.

Start 21-Day Challenge


Start 21-Day Challenge


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