Continue your fitness journey with a workout program packed with the top strength training and dance cardio exercises! These workouts will help you tone up and slim down in just 3 weeks!

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FizzUp’s Train & Dance 2 program brings together new workouts that make exercise even more fun and effective! With this routine, it’s easy to shake your booty to your favorite tunes!

The Train & Dance program series is a fusion of the top fitness and dance cardio moves. Packed with workouts combining strength training and dance cardio, you’ll blow off steam and burn calories without even realizing it.

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways to lose weight, improve your posture, get stronger, tone your body, boost your balance and enhance your coordination.

Conquer stress and build your cardio endurance as you learn these dance steps. Pick your favorite playlist, crank up the volume and get moving!

During every workout, you’ll do a strength training block that includes some of the exercises women love most, such as squats, planks and glute bridges.

Then it’s time to boogie to one of Train & Dance 2’s many fitness dance routines. Experience original exercises inspired by jazz, ballet, mambo and hip-hop, bringing you the perfect balance of strength and cardio training.

And last but not least, you can choose to wrap up your session with a few dynamic core exercises to strengthen your abdominal wall and slim down your waist.

Train & Dance 2 is an equipment-free program made for women of all levels. Even if you have two left feet, this plan is made for any woman thanks to its simple dance moves that work the entire body.

Get ready to burn up the dance floor and do your body some good with Train & Dance 2!

  • Valerie
    "Loved it! This program worked so well and helped me lose over 15 lb (7 kg) in 2 months! I’m really satisfied with my new body! Train & Dance 2 has a lot of variety and you can see and feel it toning you up and slimming you down. ????"
  • Amelia
    "A great motivating program with music. With a balanced diet, I lost 10 lb (4.5 kg) in 3 weeks!"
  • Rachel
    "With some upbeat music, it was easy to give these workouts my all. And the effort paid off! I was able to shrink my measurements by a few inches."