Burn maximum fat and sculpt your abs with this unique workout plan! HIIT Abs is the best of cardio and abs training in an innovative bodyweight routine.

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Ready to discover a whole new way of working out with the best combo of equipment-free exercises? Want to finally lose weight in your stomach and tone your tummy in depth? Then FizzUp’s HIIT Abs program is for you!

This impressive and unique routine will bring about the physical change you've been waiting for in no time!

Step up your training with HIIT Abs to burn maximum fat in minimum time and sculpt the abs of a goddess!

These workouts combine HIIT cardio and core training for jaw-dropping results. During this three-week workout program of three workouts a week, you’ll experience new exercises and innovative circuits to satisfy your hunger for a challenge.

Based on the key concept of interval training and the top abs training protocols, HIIT Abs was carefully designed with your workout pleasure in mind. Its exercises are just what you need to make progress toward your fitness goals.

No two days are the same and every circuit is different! You’ll get the best cardio and abs exercises for workouts that really make a difference, such as mountain climbers, sprawls, the spiderman climb, dynamic planks, burpees, multiple squat variations, jumping jacks, sprints and dozens more!

With each session acting as a stress reliever, you’ll always look forward to your next workout. Training with this high-intensity program also helps you better handle everyday physical effort. Whatever your level is, FizzUp fitness training is continuously personalized to ensure you’re always making progress!

HIIT Abs is the routine you’re looking for if you’re ready to go the extra mile and truly transform yourself. If you want to lose weight and sculpt your abs, FizzUp will go above and beyond your expectations with the no-equipment program HIIT Abs.

  • Tiffany
    "Awesome program to let off some steam. HIIT Abs really made me sweat but I can tell I’ve made progress. There’s a lot of variety in the workouts so I never got tired of it."
  • Marie
    "This was a great way for me to burn off extra calories. It feels like I’ve lost weight around my stomach because now I can see more of my abs. Loved this routine!"