Welcome to the third episode of FizzUp’s Kettlebell Mania program series! Keep improving your strength, power and cardio endurance with a kettlebell.

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Were the first two installments of FizzUp's kettlebell strength training program not enough for you? Good news! A routine is waiting for you with all-new challenges!

FizzUp is proud to present the third episode in the powerful Kettlebell Mania program series!

Take your kettlebell training to the next level as you experience this intense three-week workout plan. No matter what kind of experience you have with kettlebells, start Kettlebell Mania 3 now and start seeing results!

With your personalized kettlebell strength workouts, you’ll learn how to use this piece of equipment the right way with exercises that are adapted to suit your fitness level.

Want to build strength with a kettlebell? Boost your power? Gain agility? Burn fat? FizzUp’s Kettlebell Mania 3 program makes all of this possible!

Say hello to more strength, stamina, muscle and power by the end of this kettlebell workout program.

During these nine workouts, you’ll use all of your body’s muscles to achieve better overall fitness and a firmer, leaner physique. Arms, abs, shoulders, thighs and back… your kettlebell works them all!

As the next evolving chapter of the Kettlebell Mania programs, Kettlebell Mania 3 brings you new kettlebell exercises along with kettlebell classics such as the kettlebell snatch, kettlebell swings, kettlebell lunges, kettlebell deadlifts and many more!

Turn your kettlebell training up a notch and start Kettlebell Mania 3 now!

  • Thomas
    "I bought a few kettlebells 3 years ago to help me get back in shape. They started gathering dust, so I decided to give FizzUp’s Kettlebell Mania programs a try. I discovered that these workouts really make it possible for you to improve your fitness if you stick with it. I could see and feel the results!"
  • Caroline
    "If you’re looking for a kettlebell program that has it all, this is it! I was finally able to reach a level of fitness I’ve been striving for thanks to a kettlebell. I could tell these programs make a difference when I play my other sports, whether I’m using my strength or cardio. I came a long way after the 3 weeks of this program."