This intense bodyweight workout program shows no mercy but will make you a hero on the mat!

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Want to join the army or just rise up to an extra intense physical challenge? FizzUp has what you need with Commando, an equipment-free army workout plan.

Over the years, the approach to physical training within the military has evolved to meet the tactical demands that modern soldiers can face. With FizzUp’s Commando, you can get a taste of this training experience.

Having a high level of strength is the key to withstanding the military forces. But we’re not talking about the kind of strength that comes from doing rep after rep of biceps curls in the gym. You need to be able to exert enough force to match what’s required in the army.

We’re talking about the kind of strength you need to climb a mountain with a 90 lb backpack or maneuver through steep and rugged terrain for hours. Commando is a military workout plan for men and women of all fitness levels that brings you workouts inspired by commando training. These sessions will help you forge a body and mind of steel.

With this three-week program of four workouts a week, you’ll experience training that combines strength training, HIIT, weight training, agility and exercises that will challenge your physical and mental resistance.

During each workout, you’ll confront the exercises commonly included in the army’s physical fitness test, such as push-ups and pull-ups. You’ll also take on a wide variety of training protocols designed to hone each athletic skill that every great commando depends on.

Commando is made up of all kinds of epic circuits that will work your core strength, cardio endurance with HIIT, explosive strength and last but not least, physical strength. Throughout this army workout routine, you’ll also get sessions that put your body’s abilities to the test.

This military workout routine brings the best training protocols and exercises to boost your strength, endurance, work capacity, resistance and mental toughness.

FizzUp’s Commando is the ultimate bodyweight workout plan to make you a hero on the mat! Get ready for jaw-dropping results after just three weeks of powerful physical training.

  • Jacob
    "A tough program to keep up with, but Commando did a ton for my strength and cardio. And with a new workout every day, I never got bored."
  • Will
    "Great program! I’m satisfied with the results I got. Commando is perfect for men and women who are already physically fit."
  • Leo
    "Intense workouts that work! I’d definitely recommend Commando if you want to improve your cardio and power!"