Start the next installment of the Irongirl program and keep sculpting your body with effective dumbbell exercises!

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Is working with dumbbells your favorite new way to exercise? Looking for effective body sculpting workouts using weights? FizzUp’s dumbbell program for women is back with the next installment: Irongirl 2!

Just finished Irongirl? This three-week women’s strength training program is perfect for anyone who wants to continue their body sculpting with new dumbbell exercises for women just three times a week.

If you just don’t like going to the gym or are looking for a simple yet effective weight training program for women, Irongirl 2 is it! Just whip out your exercise mat in your living room, grab your dumbbells and you’re all set! Irongirl 2 brings you full body dumbbell workouts for women to help you reach your body goals, whether you want to sculpt your body or get stronger.

There are several benefits of exercising with dumbbells. It burns fat, builds strength, improves your posture and reduces your risk of injury. During Irongirl 2, you’ll experience powerful workouts mainly including exercises that work several muscles at a time. Each movement blasts calories and stimulates maximum muscle mass with every repetition you do for a lean, toned physique.

You’ll do key dumbbell exercises for women, such as sumo squats, hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, biceps curls, bent-over rows and many more.

These dumbbell workouts for women sculpt your body by putting all its main areas to the test: your glutes, quads, chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs.

So grab your dumbbells and get started with Irongirl 2 now!

  • Alice
    "I started this program thinking it wouldn’t make me sweat. But it did, and I’m glad! Irongirl 2 was tough but awesome!"
  • Elise
    "This was the best program I’ve done so far. I loved feeling my muscles working and seeing them get more toned. With Irongirl 2, I finally smashed my strength goals. ???"
  • Julie
    "Irongirl 2 was excellent. I still loved working with dumbbells. The exercises and challenges were a lot of fun, too. Thanks FizzUp for releasing this program!"