Ready to start the third episode of your favorite booty building program series?

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Looking for a powerfully effective strength training program specifically designed to target your glutes? Want to put your booty to the test for jaw-dropping results? If you’ve successfully completed FizzUp’s Booty and Booty 2 programs, then it’s time to get started with Booty 3!

With this program from FizzUp’s must-do booty sculpting program series, get the bigger, rounder booty you crave. Booty 3 is a routine you can do with just your body weight or you can opt to add light equipment such as a barbell or dumbbells. The choice is yours!

During these three intense weeks of booty workouts, you’ll experience new exercises, circuits and training protocols to sculpt your butt. Squats, glute bridges, Bulgarian split squats and lunges are all here to help you tone and strengthen your glutes.

This advanced booty building program for women is a continuation of the first two installments of the Booty program series. With 12 workouts over three weeks that have been tested and approved by FizzUp users just like you, the butt exercises in Booty 3 will put your glutes to the test!

Like every FizzUp program, Booty 3 completely adapts to your level to guarantee that you make progress with the exercise intensity that’s right for you!

Booty 3 is the ideal women's strength training program to zero in on your glutes and lower body. Sculpt and shape your butt in just three weeks. That’s our promise!

Start FizzUp’s Booty 3 program now to achieve the booty of your dreams!

  • Harmony
    "Awesome workouts that worked to sculpt the muscles in my glutes and thighs. I hadn’t done any strength training for a while, but it wasn’t long before I was used to these exercises. I loved Booty 3 and would absolutely do it again!"
  • Angie
    "Get ready to break a sweat! This program really works. Do Booty 3 if you want to sculpt your thighs and glutes."
  • Zoe
    "Loved this program! Booty 3 put my body through a real transformation. ? It was hard at first, but then it gets fun once you really get into it and start feeling it work. I made a lot of progress in my lower body!"