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Looking to take your workout experience to the next level? Ready to push and surpass your own limits? Say goodbye to traditional workouts and turn your fitness training up a notch with No Limits: the program from FizzUp that will satisfy your hunger for a challenge and get you results. This extremely demanding program will blow away your physical boundaries to unleash your true potential. By the end, you’ll feel prepared to take on any obstacle with your newly developed athletic skills. Inspired by street workout, with the No Limits program, you can turn your city into your own playing field.

With the help of Thomas Ballet, winner of the 2017 Ninja Warriors competition, you'll feel like a real athlete with endurance training and agility exercises such as dips, burpees and push-ups. And that’s not all. This program also works your abs using dynamic and core exercises. You’ll learn how to be the master of your own strength and movement as you push your limits further and further. You’ll develop the muscles to take on any physical demand and build the skills you absolutely need to be in the best shape of your life, such as agility, power, strength, resistance and even flexibility. With muscular endurance exercises, you’ll be able to keep up a variety of physical efforts for a prolonged period of time.

Get ready to perfect your technique and broaden your athletic skill set over three weeks, each one becoming more difficult over time. The No Limits program is personalized to suit you and your fitness level. It will always have you pushing both your physical and mental limits even further. So set your excuses aside and tackle this program to get some amazing results!

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Start No Limits

Body zones

Trapezius, biceps, triceps, forearms, pectorals, abs, glutes, adductors, calves, back, shoulders, hips, arms, thighs.

Start No Limits


Start No Limits


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