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Your baby is finally here! For nine months, your body was changing to enable a new life to develop. Looking for the right workout program for you, now that you’re ready to get back into moderate-intensity exercise after childbirth? The FizzUp trainer’s got it! With the Hot Mama program, you can gently get back into physical activity without pushing your body’s limits to safely feel the benefits of exercise again. After you've gone through pelvic rehabilitation therapy, this program is designed to help you make exercise a part of your everyday routine.

Moms have a lot on their plate, so the Hot Mama program is your opportunity to let yourself have some “me time” and do something good for your wellness right at home while your baby takes a nap, between breastfeeding sessions or just to keep your little one entertained. Your body will never again be like it was before, but that’s no reason to put it on the back burner!

The Hot Mama program takes your needs into account with post-pregnancy workouts specially designed to strengthen your pelvic floor, not hurt it. You’ll do glute bridges, kickbacks, stretches, walking with your stroller or pram and many other fun exercises to gradually help you restart physical activity. We make it easy to get back in shape after baby! You’ll begin to see your belly shrink back to its normal size, your entire body become more toned and your energy progressively increase. Exercise has the power to build your resistance and enhance your mood.

This mellow routine makes getting back into regular exercise so easy! Remember, now you’re a mom, but you’re also still a woman who wants to feel great in her own skin. Get started with the Hot Mama program now!

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Start New Mama

Body zones

Trapezius, abs, glutes, adductors, back, shoulders, arms, thighs.

Start New Mama


Start New Mama


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