Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, Work is a low-intensity fitness program you can do on the job, with colleagues or on your own.

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Actively relieve pain, prevent musculoskeletal disorders and take an energizing break alone or with colleagues with FizzUp’s Work program.

Work is a complete muscle and joint mobilization and stretching program to prevent the onset of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). Give your day an invigorating kickstart to boost productivity! And if you do this routine with colleagues, it’s even more fun!

Preventing MSDs is a real public and economic health issue. They affect people in many kinds of workplaces, leading to serious consequences such as chronic pain, stiffness, disabilities and sick leave.

MSDs can impact the tendons, muscles, joints and nerves in all areas of your body, the most common of which are:

- The back: lower back pain or sciatica
- The shoulders: tendonitis or periarthritis
- The elbows: tennis elbow
- The wrists: carpal tunnel syndrome

The Work program is for everyone and brings you one mobility routine a day. Feel the many benefits with sessions of five to ten minutes that get the muscles and joints in your neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, back, hips, knees and ankles moving.

Every day, Work includes a comprehensive mobility circuit to warm up your body for the day to come. Up for more? Then you can pick from a variety of additional sessions designed to fight the most common MSDs and health problems caused by physical inactivity:

- Back pain
- Neck pain
- Carpal tunnel syndrome

Work is a four-week program packed with a variety of unique routines created to:

- Reduce work absenteeism
- Relieve stress
- Reduce sick leave
- Prevent MSDs
- Improve work performance
- Build team cohesion
- Boost motivation
- Improve posture
- Foster wellness at work
- Prevent back, shoulder, wrist and elbow pain

If you’ve got a desk job and sit for hours a day, then Work is for you!

  • Johnny
    "A great workout to do before starting your day at the office. The exercises are gentle and helped me relieve some aches here and there. I also really liked how simple, fun and effective the routines were. You really should try this routine."
  • Anthony
    "I’ve got a desk job, so sometimes I feel pain in my wrists and shoulders. This program fixed that and even helped improve my posture. Work’s got everything you need, and you can pick the areas you want to focus on."
  • Grace
    "Work is a nice way to get your day started right. After each session, I felt like I had more energy and after a few weeks, I even noticed an improvement in how I sit at my desk. I recommend doing this program in a group with your colleagues. It’s even more fun that way!"