Mama 36 is the perfect program to keep you fit during the third trimester of your pregnancy.

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In just a few weeks, you’ll finally be holding your newborn! The third trimester of pregnancy is without a doubt one of the biggest changes a woman’s body can go through. If you want to keep exercising up until the end of your pregnancy, FizzUp’s got the program for you: Mama 36!

Is it always safe to exercise at this stage? Luckily, multiple studies have shown that exercise is beneficial for both the mother and her unborn baby.

Working out before and during pregnancy is good for you and your child provided that you follow a prenatal workout program that’s right for your physical abilities with your doctor’s permission. With exercise during the third trimester of pregnancy, you can:

- Reduce your risk of high blood pressure
- Prevent preeclampsia and gestational diabetes
- Improve your cardiovascular health
- Limit weight gain
- Relieve muscle pain and reduce water retention
- Boost your mood, energy and stress tolerance
- Improve your baby’s neurobehavioral development

Staying active during your pregnancy is critical, so why not start a third trimester workout program? FizzUp brings you the best exercises to keep you fit through the end of your pregnancy with Mama 36. It includes two low-impact workouts a week that were designed with your physical needs in mind. With exercises done mainly on the floor, you can safely build strength and stretch your muscles. And did you know that pregnant women with weak abs run a higher risk of developing diastasis recti? That’s why Mama 36 also brings you optional abs exercises.

Remember to talk to your doctor to make sure a workout routine like Mama 36 is right for you at this stage of your pregnancy. Give your body some extra tender loving care during your third and final trimester thanks to FizzUp’s Mama 36 program!

  • Marie
    "This program helped keep me in shape during my third trimester, which made my everyday life so much easier! I've got a lot more energy now."
  • Maci
    "Mama 36 was a gentle program that kept me fit when I was 7 months pregnant. I'd recommend it to any mom-to-be!"