Mama 12 is the perfect program to keep you fit during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

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If you're looking for the perfect first trimester workout program, FizzUp’s got it: Mama 12. Although most women don’t know they’re pregnant during the first four weeks, many suffer from a shortness of breath or increased fatigue about three to four weeks before a test can confirm it.

Generally speaking, it’s safe for you to exercise in the first trimester of pregnancy, but before you start any kind of workout routine, make sure you talk to your doctor. The fitness level you had before you were pregnant will determine how intense your prenatal workouts should be.

With the Mama 12 program, you continue to moderately exercise as long as your pregnancy isn’t high risk. Working out during the first trimester of pregnancy can reduce stress, restore your energy and improve your sleep. Physical activity is the ultimate cure-all for pregnant women.

Exercise also helps you minimize weight gain, fortify your mental strength and can even make your delivery easier. It's also good for your baby. Research shows that exercise can improve your little one’s brain and nerve cell development.

In other words, physical activity is highly beneficial for both mother and child. Exercise during the first trimester of pregnancy isn’t much different from the exercise you did before you were pregnant. The Mama 12 program offers a range of low-impact exercises covering strength training, cardio, core and stretching with two workouts a week. This entire workout plan was intelligently designed for women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

During the program, you’ll experience an assortment of exercises that just get you moving without any extreme physical demand. If you decide to start a first trimester pregnancy workout routine, remember to tell your doctor or midwife before you begin. Only they can give the best health advice for you and your baby as you work to maintain or improve your fitness.

Who needs the gym? Start the Mama 12 program to keep yourself fit during your first trimester right at home!

  • Fae
    "This was a great program to help me stay active during the beginning of my pregnancy. I didn't want to say goodbye to exercise for 9 months or more, but with Mama 12, I didn't have to! Thanks, FizzUp!"
  • Cora
    "Loved this program! Perfect for me at this stage in my pregnancy. These workouts kept me active and energized without ever becoming a hassle. I really enjoyed this routine and I plan to keep going with FizzUp's other prenatal programs."