The perfect workouts to chisel your upper body for the beach!

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  • No equipment
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Hot days lounging shirtless on the beach are just around the corner! Start your personalized workout program now to feel at the top of your game this summer!

Want to reach your body goals? Then start Beach Body, the exercise routine to prep your physique for the beach.

Beach Body is an upper body program that sculpts your torso, chest, shoulders and abs in record time. Get the best exercises to strengthen your upper body with just three workouts a week. You'll do circuits of push-up and dip variations, abs exercises and other most-do strength training moves for your upper body.

FizzUp has designed the routine you need to build your upper body. All it takes is just 15 minutes per workout to strengthen your muscles and burn fat!

Beach Body doesn’t require any equipment, so you can do it where you want using just your body weight.

Start Beach Body now and get cut for the beach!

  • Eric
    "Beach Body was amazing. It did a lot to help me build up my pecs and abs. If you want to prep your muscles for the beach, this is your program."
  • Vincent
    "The perfect program to gain upper-body muscle and fast. I recommend it! ? My quest for cut muscles hasn’t stopped after Beach Body."
  • Simon
    "Anyone can do the Beach Body program! It works everything and it shows. Not only that, I’ve noticed my performance has improved."