Workouts to prep you for your next e-mountain bike ride!

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Are you an e-mountain biker? Then you know that being in top physical shape is the key to getting the most of your time on the trail! Introducing FizzUp’s EMTB: the top program designed for e-mountain bikers who want to feel fitter on their bike and get more enjoyment out of the climb.

Having an unforgettable experience on the mountain depends on your level of physical fitness. This innovative three-week program of three workouts a week will help you fortify your upper body with strength training and keep your back healthy with core exercises.

EMTB works to improve your athletic skills while also focusing on your wellness with exercises to prevent back pain and injuries. Besides that, you’ll build strength, speed and stability to maximize your adventures outdoors.

This workout program was specially designed by FizzUp for people who ride e-mountain bikes. With EMTB, you’ll increase the strength and stamina you need to rack up the miles on the mountain and feel confident knowing your posture can withstand hours of physical effort.

EMTB also works your arm and upper-body endurance so that you can keep yourself stable on your bike, maintain a grasp on your handlebars for long periods of time and improve muscle or postural imbalances.

If you want to dominate your next e-mountain bike climb, FizzUp’s EMTB program is a must!

  • Max
    "Great program! A lot of variety and everything I expected. I was able to boost my performance on my e-mountain bike thanks to EMTB!"
  • Felix
    "I loved this program so much, I’d do it over and over again. I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but I started to feel a difference in my rides after the second week. Thanks, FizzUp!"