Ready to work your entire physique with Roxane, also known as @roxanebust on Instagram?

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Introducing the third episode of this killer workout program series! Stay ready with Be Ready 3!

Get stronger, get fitter and keep honing your athletic skills with this impressive routine.

During this three-week program, you’ll discover new exercises and workouts that are more challenging and unique than ever before!

If you want to take your training to the next level and intensity is what you crave, then Be Ready 3 is for you. Test your limits with the clean and press, burpees, pull-ups and push-ups. Feel the heat with HIIT and metabolic circuit training. Finish off with abs training and core strength to fortify your midsection and keep injuries at bay.

You asked, and the FizzUp trainer listened. Be Ready 3 is packed with new challenges to help you gain the strength, speed, power and muscle mass of a woman warrior.

Continue your fitness journey with part 3 of FizzUp’s Be Ready program series, a mix of bodyweight exercises and moves with light equipment. Working out with a kettlebell and a pull-up bar turn up the difficulty of your program for even better results.

Put your body and mind to the test as you redefine your athletic boundaries with Be Ready 3!

  • Priscilla
    "I couldn’t wait for Be Ready 3 and it’s everything I hoped for! This program is just as demanding and exciting as the first two. I loved the kettlebell, cardio and intense abs exercises. So now I want to know when FizzUp will release Be Ready 4!"
  • Mariana
    "This is a program to be reckoned with. I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but it didn’t take me long to really get into it. Be Ready 3 takes a lot of effort but I stuck with it until the end and got results. I recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge worthy of the name."