A cross-training program to build you muscular and mental strength of steel.

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Looking to build strength, stamina and explosive power to advance your physical fitness? FizzUp’s workout program 24/7 is here to put you through the training of an athlete that packs a punch and maximizes your body’s potential.

24/7 is a bodyweight program that uses specially designed workouts to fortify your strength, boost endurance and expand muscle mass.

This challenging routine that targets your entire physique also builds tougher mental strength and accelerates your drive to push your limits to new heights.

Start these three weeks of physical training backed by proven workout methods integrated into a plan created to get you to your goal.

With a combination of dynamic and explosive exercises, each workout will bring you another step closer to the fitness of an athlete. These include burpees, push-ups, pull-ups and a wide range of cardio and abdominal exercises. By the end of this program, you’ll be the boss of all of them.

If your ambition is to hone your overall athletic skills, then FizzUp’s 24/7 program is for you. Four workouts a week for three weeks is all it takes to push your boundaries and feel your body and mind amass more force and might.

Life is full of physical and mental battles. Face them head-on with FizzUp’s 24/7 program!

With a strong body and a strong mind, anything is possible. Start 24/7 and give yourself the power to face any challenge life throws at you. Get ready to defeat your barriers and reach your maximum fitness potential. Don’t play by anyone else’s rules and become the master of your own destiny now.

  • Felix
    "A great program for people who want to feel more like an athlete."
  • Damian
    "24/7 was awesome. It really pushed me to my max. Thanks, FizzUp!"
  • Gabe
    "This program is incredibly intense and it works. I’d recommend it to those who don’t want to spend 2 hours working out but still want something challenging."