Put your dumbbells to work and transform your pecs for incredible results. In just 3 weeks, you'll pump up your pecs and be ready to show off your chest of steel!

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Build - Chest is a dumbbell workout program specially designed to pump up your pecs. This routine zeros in on these key muscles in order to boost their strength and muscle mass. The app automatically calculates and adapts your sets, reps and weight load. All you have to do is follow the trainer during these 3 weeks of workouts.

  • Arnie
    "I've always had trouble targeting my pecs, and because I wanted to make them more prominent, I decided to start FizzUp's Build - Chest program. I've gotta say that I've witnessed some awesome results. I had been trying to get bigger pecs for years, and FizzUp finally made it possible."
  • Jordan
    "What can I say, except that this is THE program to get a bigger chest. I can hardly fit into my t-shirts anymore. Build - Chest is fast, intense and effective. You're going to get stronger with these workouts."