Sculpt 3 is the third installment of the FizzUp program series made to help you sculpt a fabulously curvy physique. This simple and no-equipment routine automatically adapts to suit your fitness level. Zero in on your abs, glutes and thighs with Sculpt 3!

  • 3
  • 20
    Average duration
  • No equipment
1104 ratings

Get ready to go all out with the third installment of Sculpt: FizzUp’s equipment-free body sculpting program series for women! Sculpt 3 targets your lower body and ensures your progress using an advanced workout plan. It’s a smart combo of strength and cardio training with each workout loaded with variety. You’ve found the perfect program to achieve a toned and sculpted physique using just your body weight.

  • Penelope
    "As the name suggests, this is the ideal program for sculpting your body. Because I paired it with a balanced diet, I lost 4.4 lb (2 kg) and shrank my waist! ? I could feel my body making progress. No muscle soreness and an excellent balance between the different exercises. I never felt like I was doing the same workout twice."
  • Christal
    "I did the first two Sculpt programs over and over, so I couldn’t wait for Sculpt 3. Always a great strength training routine, especially for people who don’t have much time because the workouts are short. But you can do longer workouts if you want to!"
  • Marianne
    "The perfect program to tone you up. I thought it would be hard to get stronger without any equipment, but not at all with Sculpt 3! I was astounded at the results I got with an equipment-free program. Who'd have thought?"