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Ready to keep up your training momentum with FizzUp’s Sculpt 2? Still want to tone and fortify your physique using just your body weight? Then this is the strength training program for women you’re looking for.

Sculpt 2 brings you fitness workouts that zero in on your glutes and abs. Women who want to shape their butt, slim down and build their thighs and shrink their belly love the exercises included in this program. Sculpt 2 also offers you optional cardio exercises to make your workouts even more effective by burning fat and improving your overall fitness.

When it comes to body sculpting, lunges and all kinds of squat variations such as sumo squats and squats-to-high knee target your glutes. Tip toe glute bridges gently reinforce your deep abs. With the range of abs exercises in Sculpt 2, you’ll work your entire core from the inside out to get a flatter stomach and sculpted abs.

With such an extensive collection of workouts, you’ll never fall into a boring workout routine. Sculpt 2 keeps your training experience interesting with a different workout every day. As FizzUp’s best-selling program, Sculpt 2 capitalizes on the effectiveness of our users’ exercise preferences. Our expertise allows us to bring you a personalized bodyweight workout plan that matches the physical ability of any user whether you’re a beginner or an expert. With the trainer’s guidance, this program lets you pick and choose your workout content to satisfy your preferences or suit your motivation.

Sculpt 2 will have you witnessing a slimmer, stronger and more toned physique. This strength training program for women guarantees your body will improve in just three weeks.

With FizzUp Premium, you’ll also get nutrition coaching with an array of healthy and balanced recipes to help you reach your goals even faster.

The exercises, diversity and results you get with Sculpt 2 make this FizzUp’s best-selling workout plan for women, so start now!

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Start Sculpt 2

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Triceps, abs, glutes, adductors, calves, back, shoulders, hips, arms, thighs.

Start Sculpt 2


Start Sculpt 2


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