With Miami 3, keep working your abs, glutes and thighs for a slim and strong physique!

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Love working your abs, glutes and thighs? Then the next chapter in the Miami program series here to take your results to the next level!

Continue your journey to a sculpted and toned physique with FizzUp’s equipment-free workout program for women: Miami 3! This routine brings you the best bodyweight exercises to target all the toughest trouble spots in your abs, glutes and thighs. You’ll feel transformed in just three weeks!

This installment of the Miami program saga turns up the temperature with all-new exercises and workouts to strengthen your glutes and thighs. And that’s not all. Miami 3 will hone in on your abs to fortify and sculpt your abdominal wall.

With just three workouts a week, not only will you do classic exercises such as squats, glute bridges, crunches, and lunges, but also a wide range of their variations to gradually put your entire body to work.

With a beginning evaluation, FizzUp’s Miami 3 program completely adapts to match your fitness level and even lets you pick and choose the additional exercises you want to do, such as strength training, static and dynamic core training, cardio and stretches. This routine was designed and optimized with your dream body in mind!

You’ll also gain access to FizzUp’s personalized nutritional coaching. Every day, you’ll receive a new meal plan to help you reach your fitness goal.

Miami 3, FizzUp’s strength training program for women, is here to get you the flat belly, toned thighs and sculpted glutes you crave, so start now!

  • Maggie
    "Just as great as the other Miami programs, but this one was definitely my favorite so far! Miami 3 had abs and glute strengthening exercises I’d never tried before. Can’t wait for part 4!"
  • Virginia
    "The perfect program to start if you want to tone up and feel great in your bikini just in time for summer!"
  • Camilla
    "I love the Miami program series! It’s the best one in my opinion. I can really feel the difference in my body."